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Brite Strike, RHIGHT Duty Light, Black, 600 lm, BS 3.7v Lithium Ion Cell, Model # BSRHIGHT-MHLS

NEW - Brite Strike, RHIGHT Duty Light, Black, 600 lm, BS 3.7v Lithium Ion Cell, 

Brite-Strike Tactical Touch Flashlights were designed with Tactical Blue Dot Switches. Designed By Police Officers, For Police Officers, the body is CNC machine milled from a single billet of high grade aerospace aluminum. The proprietary black anodized finish exceeds Mil Spec class two type III. The unique tri-sided body is more ergonomic for better gripping. The front crenelated strike crown is blunted and the rear crown is more aggressive for maximum effectiveness in applying pressure point control techniques. The pocket clip is specifically designed for line officers and is reversed from other tactical lights. The clip features a greater clearance for lightning fast draws from either a BDU pocket, duty belt, or six pocket police pant. It also allows for quick mounting on a uniform epaulet, and quick removal when needed. The beam is a brilliant white light with a wider "spread" for a flood effect, which illuminates the entire area of a vehicle on a motor vehicle stop.

The new Brite-Strike RHIGHT Duty Light is the first rechargeable AC/DC tactical duty light that meets the high standards of the Tactical Touch Flashlights with Tactical Blue Dot Switches. This is the toughest, brightest, lightest tactical duty light on the market today. The compression seal rotates down over the charging port to make this 100% waterproof, not just water resistant. The light is 600 lumens of brilliant white light. It is developed with the latest Cree LED coupled with our proprietary DPM (Digital Power Management) allowing for longer run times. The light is equipped with the patented world class Tactical Touch High, Low, Strobe and Momentary Hi switch. The runtime on high is 2 hours (600 lumens), low for 8 hours (170 lumens), and strobe for 2.5 hours (600 lumens).

•Powersource - BS 3.7v Lithium Ion Cell
•Bulb -Cree LED coupled with DPM (Digital Power Management)
•Output - 600/170 Lumens
•Run Time - Up to 8 hours on low
•Sumbersible - 100% waterproof
•Carry System - Handheld
•Batteries Included - Yes
•Rechargeable - Yes
•Includes - AC & DC Charges


NEVER use any type of 123A lithium battery other than a Panasonic or Duracell. Do not use commercial rechargeable 123A cell in any of our lights.

If you use any other battery you will void the warranty and possibly damage the light permanently. Use of inferior cells may cause high temperatures and possibly explosions resulting in bodily injury.

If you are not sure, please call Brite-Stike Customer Service BEFORE USING in your tactical light.

MSRP $250.00