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Bushnell, 5 Arbors Laser Boresighter, Riflescope, .22/.50 Caliber, Model BN740100C

NEW - Bushnell, 5 Arbors Laser Boresighter, Riflescope, .22/.50 Caliber,
Model BN740100C

Your boresighter consists of laser emitter (A) as well as a series of expandable adaptors (B) which cover .22 to .50 caliber diameters. There is also a larger adaptor designed for 20 gauge and 12 gauge shotguns. Please note that your laser boresighter is designed for use indoors or outdoors in dimmer light.
To select the proper adaptor, find the largest-diameter adaptor that will fit in the muzzle of your firearm. Then, screw the adaptor into the small end of the laser emitter using the small screw in the center of the adaptor. As you tighten the screw, the diameter of the adaptor will expand. Once it has expanded to match the diameter of your firearm, push the adaptor and small end of the laser emitter into the muzzle of your rifle. Make sure that the laser emitter is inserted in until it is snug with the crown of your firearm.
Turn the laser on by rotating the on/off switch (battery cap) clockwise until the small red laser dot is emitted. If you can sight in your gun at 50 to 100 yards, you can adjust your scope's windage and elevation so that your crosshairs aim at the red dot. If you are sighting in at a shorter distance, simply adjust the point of impact so that the crosshairs compensate for the height of the center of the scope
over the barrel. For example, in many typical rifle mounts, the center of the scope is about 1.5 inches above the bore. In this case, you would want the crosshairs to point 1.5 inches above the laser dot

Laser boresighter for gunsmiths and serious shooters
Makes it easy to sight a newly mounted rifle scope
Bright, battery-powered laser is rapid and precise
Includes 7 arbors for .22- through .50-caliber rifles as well as 20 and 12 gauge shotguns
Runs on LR-44 batteries (included); 6 inches longMSRP $41.95

MSRP $41.95