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Windmill, Windmill Trekker, Blaze Orange, Model # WMW03-005

NEW - Windmill, Windmill Trekker, Blaze Orange, Model # WMW03-005

Windmill Trekker Stormproof Lighter measures 3 3/4" overall and has an extra large fuel tank which is a massive bonus when using it in the field. The other thing it features is a fuel guage which is essentially a window into the fuel tank, you never have to run out of fuel again as it is promises to do up to 1000 lights on a single tank of fuel.

It is windproof and withstands 70-80 mph winds and has a water resistant O-ring seal.

It is also features a controllable gas flow for use at varying elevations up to 10,000 feet and will produce a high temperature flame (around 2000°F!!) and it's Piezo electronic ignition is good for over 30,000 instant ignitions.

Simply refill it with premium butane gas which is widely available and it will serve you very well.

MSRP $63.95